The POTATO group

Blogging for Bamboo

Several members have submitted pieces and they have been accepted onto the Adoption Social website. 

We have had an excellent lot of feedback from these pieces, our most recent conclusion of the Bamboo Scaffolding set of pieces.

If you would like to be inspired or just get a deeper understanding of life with older ones who have suffered repeated early trauma, you can’t go wrong reading these.

Arts Pictures 

If you were wondering what sort of Art the Arts day is about- here are some pictures of the work produced.

(With permission of the artists.)

Arts Day

This weekend it is the POTATO arts day and several members are looking to attend with lots of creativity. We are a group that physically meets up as well as using our facebook and conferences plus individual face to face times.

It’s on the 24th of  June 2017 in the Sheffield area. There are a few spaces left if you are a member and would like to go. Just email us

Check out our website over the next couple of weeks to see photos.

Bamboo scaffolding


Welcome to this months trilogy of Blog pieces all about the wonderful founder member from our group taking her TAT (Traumatised adopted teen) away on an amazing break together.

Hugely brave and funny, this Blog is an exciting read. In awe of this members bravery and her drive to keep going.

Looking forward to reading part 2 and 3 over the next couple of weeks.

Relationships blog

This blog piece is a fascinating insight into life of a member who has a changing reality of relationships. 

We understand the separation rate in adoption is similar to that of parents with children who have additional needs. 

But there are a few amazing individuals who have healed, moved on and explored having a relationship. Plus the dating side can be great fun!

This weeks blog is all about this. It’s a brave thing to have written. 

Blog Buster!

Thank you all for your warm support of our blog pieces. Our website traffic has increased and we have been getting lots of positive feedback.

The Adoption Social and The Open Nest have joined us in this venture. Please do check their websites for BLOG pieces and other information of interest to adoptive parents of traumatised young people.


Independence Day!

Well, not quite as it seems. More….Independence Day with frills….

POTATO group member parent writes about their incredible experiences of adoptive parenting and the wonderful experiences of encouraging and equipping their vulnerable young adult to move out.

YES! It can be done and there are some EXCELLENT tips in this Blog piece for parents looking ahead to moving our TATs (Traumatised Adopted Teenagers) on in a positive way.

Moving Home a DIY approach

Mental Health and staying in.

This blog piece is by a member of our group who has extensive experience of Mental Health issues within the family made up of adopted young people.

Fascinating insight into how it is to try and get adequate and appropriate let alone timely provision for them has been a long road.

This piece will help parents on a similiar track, but also help those who have been there make sense of some of their experiences.

Adoption social Mental Health inpatientbed search

Transference and an adoptive parent.

This week we have a blog post written by a group member who has experienced transference, in relation to her teenage daughters.

We have had a lot of positive feed back from the first blog post in association with The Adoption Social and the Open Nest. This piece the next in the series from The POTATO group. 

There’s a lot of learning in here, not only personal experience of one member. 

Transference Blog Piece.

New venture with a BLOG.


Good afternoon everyone.

We are very excited to announce that we have begun a regular weekly blog of: articles, reflections, blog diaries and information contributed by our members. This is mostly to families who are host to young people who have had early trauma and been adopted and their friends.

Every week we will write a piece for publication with The Adoption Social in association with The Open Nest.

Our first blog piece is by our Chair, June. She has written a thought provoking and reaction-giving article, particularly in reference to the recent Radio 4- Justice McFarlane piece. She challenges the language that social care and other organisations use when referring to us adopters, our young people and our circumstances.

We would be really interested to see what you think. By all means comment in the box below, or email us

Is there something you would like to see written about? Anything you want to submit?

If you are a member, come and discuss it with us on our Facebook group, or you can always Tweet us @thePOTATOgroup.