Message from the editor

Hello and welcome to the home of The Potato Group.

January has been a hectic month for lots of our members, recovering from all the excitement and overstimulation of Christmas and getting back into routines for those whose young people have returned to school or college.

For many, a New Year brings thoughts of resolutions and making changes. It can be a time of reflection. For many of our members, this can be a difficult time. Reflecting on where we are now, when sometimes our young people are struggling, can highlight the different trajectory we may be following compared to friends and family members. At times like these, self-care is really important. We need to look after ourselves just as we would a dear friend. January can be a good time to make small changes that have a big impact on our physical and emotional well-being. Here at the Potato Group we are lucky to have a Healthy Eating Group, where we encourage one another to think about nutrition that supports us. My own challenge this month has been trying to fit in breakfast – a small change but very important. What could you do to look after yourself better?

We are looking forward to our Arts Days, where we will be trying out some new creative techniques as part of our mission to keep our tanks topped up. Trying something new, getting together with great friends – what’s not to like?

There have been a few headlines already this year in the Adoption community. Perhaps the most significant was the letter from Michelle Donelan to all directors of childrens services. Michelle Donelan stated adoption would be ” a priority for the new government and we also wish to see a renewed focus on adoption by local authorities”. This has provoked considerable discussion on social media as well as within regional agencies and social care departments.

Education is one of our “hot potatoes” in terms of discussions between members. As evidence from the DFE continues to show, many adopted young people really struggle to achieve their potential in school. In a time of austerity, as school budgets continue to be squeezed, young people with SEND can sometimes lose out and we know only too well the huge impact on our children and families when a young person doesnt get the right help to access education. I was able to attend the #Losethebooths conference held in Leeds, where ideas were shared about how we might best support young people with SEND in school and Trauma was discussed in many of the presentations. It’s good to know that the message is getting through.

Lets hope that 2020 is a year of positive change in our community. Have a healthy, happy one. Grab every positive experience and bank it to help with the difficult challenges. Keep practising your PACE and NVR.

Hope to hear from you soon.

The editor.

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