Beginning in 2013, with five families we now cater for around 300 members who like us face difficulties because of the life long impacts on our adoptees from repeated early trauma.

Our group collaborated with the Hadley Study Group and Julie Selwyn. The report produced is here :  Beyond the adoption Order The conclusions of  this highlighted many of the issues frequently discussed in our group, the plight of many families without adequate support from social services, mental health or education and lack of understanding from family and friends. 25% of adoptive families are struggling with immense levels of need in their children. In the small number that live apart from their children most continue to have an active part in their child’s life. Teenagers are far more likely to have to live apart from their adoptive families than younger children and the majority of this is due to violence from the child to the parent. In the 75% who were going along OK or had significant needs within their families, the parents still scored highly for mental stress.   We have been able to meet Sir Martin Narey as a group and explain to him some of the range of difficulties our families face today in the UK system.

Fascinating write up about the research above in Adoption UK Magazine, Adoption Today. Further comment by Sir Martin Narey and the work he has to do within the support post adoption is very much welcomed.

Following the findings of the Beyond the Adoption Order report highlighting the role of Domestic Abuse in adoptive families, one of our POTATO Champions has been liaising with the Hampton Trust.

Another of our POTATO Champions has been investigating the use of Non Violent Resistance (NVR) in some of the most challenged adoptive families. We are looking to bring these two different dynamics together, offering more than one approach seems important to meet different needs.

Following feedback from our November 2015 conference, we are aiming to have two meetings this year- one AGM as usual with speakers for learning. One mainly for socialising and peer support.

As this peer led organisation has grown so much over the past 18 months, we have expanded our steering group to include more administration support, social secretaries, membership and a general secretary. We have a Chair and Treasurer in place following the AGM vote.

Our group is friendly and supportive and our key point throughout all we do is to offer KINDNESS throughout.

If you are an adoptive parents and would like to join our group:

  1. email

  2. complete the membership form

  3. pay the annual donation (currently £10) via paypal or BACS. Or £1 a month.

  4. ask for a visit if you are unknown to group members.

  5. enjoy a friendly visit and if desired join our hidden Facebook support group.

  6. further visits and socials.

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