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Our team here at POTATO group are very knowledgeable, talented and qualified in many professional groups from education to law, medicine to accountancy. Our chief advantage is the knowing support we can give one another as experienced adoptive parents.

Member Helen Oakwater has developed this excellent resource called FAB parents. We have been having a lot of comments in the group around her recent blog posts and Twitter retweeting. Her insightful piece on whether or not adoption is “fit for purpose” has raised a lot of discussion. Definitely worth a look at her blogs and passing onto the professionals who often misunderstand modern adoption and its implications for families.

One area that comes up again and again is the difficulties our families face dealing with professionals in terms of our traumatised adopted young people.

This article considers the different viewpoints of professionals and adopters and the use of language. Uniquely helpful in speaking to both professionals and adopters alike, it is essential reading for anyone facing meetings with these two groups present.

Download this article, for free here:  culture– working with professionals

This useful document has been written to assist when you have a young person who is being seen by an Independent Reviewing Officer, once they have gone into the care system. The most common order we have discovered is the section 20 accommodation provision where social care look after the child but the adoptive parents retain full parental rights.

Please feel free to use this handout for IROs who are looking after cases where the young person involved has been adopted and latterly enterred the care system.

IRO handout

Lawyers and Legally qualified people- POTATO families need YOU!

Please take a look at our excellent guidelines for supporting adoptive families in the UK who need your help with their traumatised adopted young people in mind. These guidelines surround Family Law conferences and resolution.

Legal Support Guidelines for helping POTATO families- Resolution and Family Law Conferences.

Further support:

Adoption Uk (National charity who offer support for adoptive families around the UK.)  (Forum support for adoptive families.) CoramBAAF (British Association of Adoption and Fostering) (Legal and other information for adoptive families.) The Open nest. Support for families in adoption.

Dad Talk (Information for Single Dads, fathers of step children etc. Male Friendly Forum.)Ipsea (Special Needs education website- numerous resources for use in educational settings) Yellow Kite (Attachment in schools, an Edward Timpson supported specialist resource).

Inspired Foundations are a training and support organisations for adoptive families. They also offer training for schools, colleges and other groups on the impact of early trauma and practical strategies to address these extra needs.

The Open Nest. 


Many of our POTATO families have found the open nest short breaks an enormous help. They also offer post adoption support and come from a personal perspective therefore truly understanding adoptive families needs.

Online resources.

If you would like to make a donation to the POTATO group, you can send it by direct transfer. Our details are: The POTATO Group, Santander Bank, sort code 09-01-28 account number 90254012.

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