Researching adopted young people


Social Outcomes and Early Life Experiences:

Thoughts and Behaviour in Adolescence 


Researchers from the University of Manchester would like to invite you and your adolescent to participate in a new extension of the Social Outcomes and Early Life Experiences (SOCIAL) study

Children who have been adopted have frequently experienced a change in their primary caregiver i.e. they have moved to a new home and a new family.  Sometimes, they may also have had negative experiences in their very early life.

• We would like adopted children who are aged 11 to 16 years old and their families to take part in this research.

• Your child does not need to have experienced maltreatment or adversity to take part

• Your child does not need to be having social difficulties at the moment to take part

We are inviting all families who took part in the SOCiAL study to take part.

We are also inviting families who have not yet participated in the SOCiAL study to take part in the assessments detailed. For further information click this link


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