Section 20, please help the investigation.

The family rights group would like to hear from those involved in Section 20.

There's a significant group of Adoptive parents who have one or more young people who are unable to manage in a family.
Often, they end up in the position of asking for respite or a long term placement under a voluntary agreement with the local authority called section 20.

Here is a quote explaining who they would like contributions from:

We would like a range of individuals and organisations who have experience of, or have been affected by the use of, section 20 arrangements to contribute to the Knowledge Inquiry.

We would like to hear from:
• Children and young people;
• Parents;
• Kinship carers (also known as family & friends carers);
• Social workers and social work managers as well as other practitioners such as family support workers, contact workers and advocates;
• Foster carers;
• Lawyers; and
• Voluntary sector organisations, policy makers and academics.

Here is the link with instructions to follow

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