New venture with a BLOG.


Good afternoon everyone.

We are very excited to announce that we have begun a regular weekly blog of: articles, reflections, blog diaries and information contributed by our members. This is mostly to families who are host to young people who have had early trauma and been adopted and their friends.

Every week we will write a piece for publication with The Adoption Social in association with The Open Nest.

Our first blog piece is by our Chair, June. She has written a thought provoking and reaction-giving article, particularly in reference to the recent Radio 4- Justice McFarlane piece. She challenges the language that social care and other organisations use when referring to us adopters, our young people and our circumstances.

We would be really interested to see what you think. By all means comment in the box below, or email us

Is there something you would like to see written about? Anything you want to submit?

If you are a member, come and discuss it with us on our Facebook group, or you can always Tweet us @thePOTATOgroup.


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