Let them eat cake! (UPDATE)

We have a lot of fantastic mothers in POTATO group. Often holding it together with really traumatised young people and as parents ourselves we know that Mothers Day can be a real flash point.

Understanding (as we do) that our young adoptees are often angry, confused and generally troubled about the “Mothers” past and present we salute you. Adoptive mothers are often trying to be brave and not want a bit of demonstrated love from our TAT.

The shops are full of flowers, cards and Mothers Day merchandise. POTATO parents cannot miss it. If your young person has been unable to connect with you and show the affection that Mums would ordinarily expect it rubs salt into the wound.

Not only are POTATO parents deprived of gifts and cards and a chance to celebrate mothering, the jumbled feelings about mothers stirs up a hornets nest of unwanted behaviours in your young person. It can feel like walking on egg shells trying to play down what should be a point of relaxation, fun and celebration.

Lets change stuff.


On Saturday 14th March any time of the day go and eat cake- feel wonderful for few minutes and enjoy time just for you.

If you can take a selfie of the CAKE of choice so much the better! Print it off and stick it up somewhere as your happy moment…

You’re welcome to put any cakey pictures up on here. (Flowers buying optional but also highly recommended #selfcare)

So- How did it all go? Well Twitter was a flurry and we got sent some fab cake pictures and stories via email and the private Facebook.

LOVELY Cakey pictures thankyou-

cake1cake2cake3cake 4

In support of Red nose day we had a lush tray of red nosed Biscuits… YUM! #RND2015red nose cake

Members who joined in felt:

cared for for just those few minutes

Strong enough to face the Mothers Day trials from my teen knowing I’d had something lovely just for me

An adoptive Dad commented:

It is great, that POTATO group. This cake time has given my wife a smile all day, it is a simple thing but what a difference

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